Canvas Slim Brief - DOPP®

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 Buxton DOPP Brand  reinvents the vintage look of Doppelt's original kits with its oiled canvas slim briefcase.  Perfect for stashing a few files, your laptop or other essentials, this lightweight slim case will take you wherever you want to go in style.  For further convenience, this bag can be carried by the top handles, or slung over your shoulder with an adjustable shoulder strap.

  • Weather resistant oiled canvas
  • Interior striped cotton lining
  • Computer pocket
  • Organizational panel
  • Removable shoulder strap

Style # OC90T872

Dimensions: 16.5" x 3" x 12.5"


The Charles Doppelt Company was founded in 1919. As the company grew, his signature kits became widely known as DOPP kits and were standard issue for soldiers in WWII. In 1979, Buxton purchased the DOPP Brand and our DOPP Collection of travel kits and accessories continues Doppelt's legacy of quality and  fine craftsmanship.                                                                                                                                            

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