In the late 1800’s, Dana Buxton had started his own business distributing small notions.  Ironically, his most profitable business idea actually began with a loss.  One day Dana had the misfortune of losing his keys through a hole in the pocket of his pants.  His wife, Julia, turned that misfortune around by making him a small leather pouch to hold his keys.  Family and friends showed an interest in having their own pouches and thus a new small leather goods business was born.  Buxton Company was formally organized in 1898.

Within just a few years, it became clear that the venture had outgrown its space within the family home.  A factory was set up and workers hired to produce the various personal leather necessaries that Buxton was offering.  Buxton quickly became a highly respected leather goods manufacturer and the name became known for top quality leather and skilled craftsmanship.

The company has always been quick to respond to the needs of the consumer and has been able to adapt to stay relevant.  In the 1920’s, Buxton became the first company to resize the men’s wallet to accommodate the change in the size of the US dollar bill.  In the 1930’s, Buxton took the design of the women’s wallet to a new level by offering bright colors and more feminine silhouettes.

Over the course of the last century, Buxton has continued to evolve and grow.  In the 1970’s, the DOPP brand was purchased as a way to round out the company and afford it the opportunity to better serve the consumer by providing personal accessory options.  The acquisition was a perfect fit for Buxton since DOPP was also known for quality leather goods with durable constructions.  DOPP originally made its name during WWI when their toiletry kit was standard issue for American soldiers.

Since 2010, the company has turned its focus on expanding product offerings in unique ways that apply to the modern world.  With cyber security becoming increasingly more common, Buxton was swift to acknowledge the need to protect the consumer’s identity by adding a protective RFID (Radio Frequency ID) lining to wallets.  With technology changing at an ever faster pace these days, our products now cater to accommodating phones, laptops, and other gadgets. 

More recently the company has launched successful bag lines and taken on products for several different licensed brands such as Adrienne Landau, Nidecker/ NDK, Nidecker/ Swiss Life, and soon to be included Budweiser. 

Buxton’s commitment to fine craftsmanship today is still building upon what Dana Buxton put into motion over 100 years ago.  The company will undoubtedly continue to offer great small leather goods for another 100 years to come!

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