Dopp® Travel Accessories – 6-Piece Manicure Set


For the man on the go, Buxton's DOPP brand 6 piece manicure set will keep you groomed and organized wherever you are.The small size and classic, durable pebble grain exterior makes this DOPP accessory kit a perfect companion at home or abroad. 


Soft pebble grain leatherette zip-around case.   

·         Scissors

·         Small Nail Clipper

·         Cuticle Pusher

·         Tweezers

·         Nail File

·         Large Nail Clipper

Style#: 06802

Dimensions:  2 ½”x 4 5/8” x 1” 

The Charles Doppelt Company was founded in 1919. As the company grew, his signature kits became widely known as DOPP kits and were standard issue for soldiers in WWII. In 1979, Buxton purchased the DOPP Brand and  our DOPP Collection of travel kits and accessories continues Doppelt's legacy of quality and  fine craftsmanship.

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